Windows Notes


  • If you get the 'device driver not found' error, make sure it's plugged into USB 2.0, not 3.0.


  • Ew.
    Before fixing someone's computer... try to somehow ask or suggest them to physically clean their computer before bringing it to you for fixing. Particularly: keyboard, mouse, monitor, case
  • One update to keep in mind: scheduled antivirus scans, scheduled Windows update
  • If asked... it's called "preventive maintenance." Seriously. Ew.
  • "Choose how updates are delivered" = Set to Off


Here is how you delete dropped files after running a scan on your system.
Boot your system into DOS then:

  • Delete the following files from the Windows directory (usually C:\Windows): Temp$01.exe, Temp#01.exe, Scanregw.exe
  • Go to the Windows System directory (usually C:\Windows\System) and delete this file: H@tkeysh@@k.dll

This is not an ideal solution since you are already compromised. The best way to deal with a compromised system is to start over (reinstall Windows).


  • Bing is good for anything Microsoft related because Bing indexes all of the TechNet and then some.