Running Warhammer Online on Slackware


I grew up with the Warhammer universe. I wanted to play it on Linux so I did some research and decided to write up something. For the latest updates see: WineHQ - Warhammer Online Live


  1. First get wine. I used wine-1.1.17.tar.bz2 but the latest wine version should work better. I think you can get that exact version here. Now extract it somewhere close to home like the desktop folder.
  2. Download this war.patch. "Save Link As..."
  3. Copy war.patch to the wine directory.
  4. Open a console and type:
    cd ~/Desktop/wine-1.1.17

    patch -p0 < war.patch


    make depend && make

    sudo make install

  5. Change the windows type to Windows XP.
  6. Create a folder on the desktop, call it WAR or something. Copy everything in data1 and data2 from the game DVDs to the newly created directory. When finished, open a console and type: mv ~/Desktop/WAR/ ~/.wine/drive_c/WAR/
    Personally, I created a mount point to /mnt/war/ and moved everything in ~/.wine/drive_c/WAR/ to /mnt/war/.
  7. Download winetricks and put it on Desktop.
  8. Set permissions to the file so you can run it. After that open a console and type:
    cd ~/Desktop

    ./winetricks directx9

    If after the installation the window doesn't close, go to the terminal and hit Ctrl+C.
  9. Download this "script" and edit it accordingly. "Save Link As..." Set the proper permission so you can execute the script.
  10. Open a console and type:
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/WAR/

    wine warpatch.exe
  11. When you want to play, run "script." When you're in the game, set the graphics to "Fastest Settings."

Now you should be playing Warhammer Online on Linux!


  • If you get this error: Warning: could not find DOS drive for current working directory '~/Desktop'
    This is a Z:\ symlink issue. Open up a console and this:
    ln -s / ~/.wine/dosdevices/z:
  • Regarding winhttp.dll issue, download it here. Then open up the console and do this:
    mv winhttp.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/winhttp.dll


    Hit the Libraries tab, find winhttp.dll from the dropdown menu and add it to the list. Click on edit on the right and set it to native. Apply and exit.